The “I Don’t Like My Arms to Show” concern SOLVED

So some of us find ourselves unhappy with how our arms look so we don’t want to expose them or show them.  We search for tops that cover down to the elbow.  Next we stop wearing sleeveless tops and tank dresses and struggle through summer time feeling hot and less fashionable not to mention frustrated with ourselves!

There are tried and true fixes for the issue and here they are!

#1- The Revamp your Wardrobe option!

We find those tops that keep us cool during the hot months but still look fashionable.  We will have to fill our wardrobe with enough choices of cute tops and dress options to avoid feeling lost and to avoid that feeling of frustration when we get dressed for the day or for our occasion.

All of us know that bummed out feeling when we stand in front of our choices and feel unsure of what to put on and also the loss of ideas when our wardrobe does not support the task at hand.

Now for option #1 

  • Get rid of all tops and dresses that will no longer work for you from your closet!

Donate or sell every single one of them no matter the attachment you may feel.  It will only make you sad when you look at it in the closet and it quickly becomes the “non option”.  Get rid of them all at once.

  • Set a budget for summer dresses and tops and then carefully procure the pieces that will go with other items in your closet.  Have the funds ready and available so that you can do some retail therapy at the appropriate stores and boutiques.  Buy dresses and tops that cover the parts and pieces you prefer not to expose.

Here are some examples of tops that Get the Job Done!

Anatomie White Woven/Mesh Button Down Collared Shirt

The ¾ Tee top (Available at Bellezza Boutique Charlotte as well as many other online retailers.)

The top that has a cool mesh cover on the arms that does not keep you warm. The mesh is for looks and only to ward off a wind. An example is our White top at Bellezza which comes in black as well: 

Byron Lars In Earnest Plaiditude Lace Shirt

The long sleeve lacey yet casual top by Bryon Lars that is sheer throughout.

Wear a small cami underneath to cover your tummy and cleavage and the rest of your top is sheer and allows the summer breeze to keep you feeling cool and fashionable. Blue Swing Chiffon Blouse

Hybrid option Casual and Dressy depending on what it is paired with.

The chiffon blouse; flowy, beautiful and feminine yet very light weight

Byron Lars In Earnest Victorian Lace Cardi Black

Dressier option:

The Byron Lars lace button down with cami top.  This comes in white as well and is delicate, feminine and can be styled in many ways.

Frank Lyman Black Sheer Top Trimmed with Rhinestone

Cold shoulder dressy option:

Our Frank Lyman dress top with sequin detail paired with a lovely pair of dress pants or a skirt is sure to steal the show and get the job done!

Next are the “I want to wear a Dress “options:

Miss June Short Off the Shoulder Magdalena Dress

A fun every day or night dress that will make you feel beautiful! This is for the gal who is happy to show her legs and the dress can be worn with a belt to accentuate the waist or even without to be a flowy and easy dress.  


Miss June Gabrielle Long Burgundy Dress

Another dress option for daytime or evening is a beautiful flowing dress that is long and covers legs as well as arms! This dress will keep you cool at the same time! This dress has detail on it that makes it quite lovely for a dressy event as well.

The Dressy option for an event:

Jovani Gold Dress w Bow on Shoulder

The Golden shimmer Jovani dress that has a 3/4 sleeve length.  This dress is gorgeous, elegant and covers those arms!

Mac Duggal Blush Cape Sleeve Short Dress

Here is the MacDuggal dressy rose colored dress with an amazing flowing attached shawl to each sleeve.  The flutter style is incredible when you walk and it is quite a show stopper.  This dress hides the arms as well! 

Get Fit and Get Fabulous!

So all in all these are all pieces that work for everyone regardless of the state of the arms!  Another option of course is to begin weight exercises now, since we are approaching our cold months!  By the time it is super warm again, you will have had 6 months to prepare your arms!