How to make a flat booty look bigger

Some of us were blessed with a great booty.  Others, like myself, not so much!  I have learned through trial and error how to make my booty look better.  These are my little hacks! 😍

 Do not wear palazzo pants. The extra fabric makes us look less shapely.

  • This pant has so much extra fabric below the booty line that it appears to be flatter than it might even be!  So you will find that when wearing this type of flowing trouser,  your booty will look that much flatter than with a tight pair of pants.


2. Skinny jeans are a MUST!  They show your shape and can pull up the booty area, if you are in the right jean! You will see, in this image, that the booty looks more enhanced in this Black Orchid jean.  This is a line available at Bellezza.  Pockets are also key in making your booty look bigger.  You want smaller pockets rather than large.  



3.  Pants with embellishment on the pockets are fabulous for the flat booty!

The embellishment draws attention to your pockets, which draws attention to your booty!  Also pocket flaps are fabulous for enhancing the booty area!  This is a go to for me.  I wear a skinny jean with embellished pockets.  I even wear boot cut jeans like this that are skinny on the thigh and in the bum.  These really work!

4. Wear White!  I know we have all been told that white makes us look larger! So often we shy away from this color. White trousers enhance your booty!  I suggest still avoiding palazzo pants but a white jean will definitely make your booty look bigger. White is a fabulous color to wear anyway so wear it in a tight fitting skinny jean and you will love, love, love your booty!


5. Wear a pencil skirt!  Pencil skirts are Fabulous for a flat booty!  It will hug your hips and your booty,  and basically has a similar effect as a skinny jean does!  Keep in mind black makes you look smaller and you want to look bigger so lighter colors are best.  You will see that this booty looks quite small.  Another option is to add a peplum top to the pencil skirt.

The extra fabric on the peplum top makes your body look bigger in all the right places.  It will absolutely make your booty appear larger!  A great option!  It will also hide a tummy if that is something you struggle with!


So we really do know, after researching these styles, that these options will make your booty look more shapely!  Come see us at Bellezza Boutique at Phillips Place in Southpark, Charlotte!  We will help style you in apparel that will enhance your figure in the best way!